This selection of rings was designed with a narrative based on the personal memories of couples. I asked a selection of my friends and family, that are either married or with partners to give me an object each that relates to the memory of the moment they knew they loved their partner and a brief telling of that memory. From these object I picked one couples and designed a set of wedding rings inspired by them.

This is a set of wedding rings I designed as a new ritual that is performed at the wedding ceremony, this is to make a more personal gesture of love between the two individuals and make it some thing the couple is personally connected with.
These rings are to be wore on the wedding day, where the rings are usually placed on the fingers during the vows, instead when the ring in placed on fingers these  memories rings are put on instead. The vile containing the memory is poured into the ring and when placed on the finger is sealed inside but can be felt on the skin.

The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love and the commitment that two people make to one another on their wedding day.
However a traditional wedding band may be practical but when on the finger being so small can sometimes be forgotten by the wearer. Does that mean the meaning behind are so easily forgotten too?

The rings I have designed are designed to be a constant reminder of the big commitment that is made on the day of the wedding. The memory inside is a symbol of the couples love and where it began, The shape and size of the rings make it impossible for the wearers to forget its presence and the memories contact with the skin inside conjures feeling that were there from the beginning.

After the day of the wedding the ring is replaced by a regular band, to be worn everyday. Every wedding anniversary these rings are to replace the bands to show the couples continuing commitment to one another and to remember the fist moments of love that lead the commitment.

After looking at the posative side of marriage I began to consider the other side of marriage, my inspiration for this was that two loving memories I had collected we from a relationship that had broken down and the coupe had split. I began to research marriage and looked at some statistics on modern marriage.

When reading about marriage today in various papers and internet articles, much of my research seemed to hold the view that marriage vows today were not taken as seriously in the past. There seems to be a fraustrating lack of permanace that plagues modern relationships. In reading I found statistics saying that one in two marriages ends in divorce and the average length of marriage before divorce is only 5 years.
The view I took was that it seemed that people have lost focus on the real meaning of marriage  and look at it more as a contract then  an institution. Entering in and out of marriage on a whim, we no longer try as hard to make things work when we know divorce is always on option.

From the information I designed a wedding ring that took these opinions into account and also incorporated the memories of the couple.

The second ring I designed is a wedding ring that comes as a single rather then as a pair and comes with a set of spare test tubes also included in the box and a test tube mounted on the ring contains the loving memory.

The ring is designed so that the test tube mounted on the ring that holds the memory is interchangeable.
If the marriage ends the vile containing the memory can be removed then either kept in the box- if the relationship ended well, or smashed to the ground, destroying the memory, commitment and all it symbolises.
If a new relationship then begins there are spare viles for new memories and so the ring can be reused.

Being married holds a sense of mystery or intrigue for those who are not , you will never no what it feels like to be married until you commited yourself in those vows. It is a rite of passage and holds huge social meanings in societes throughout the world.
Throughout history weddings and the meanings surrounding them have been a source of inspiration for many artists and have taking on many forms of expression, from Duchamps – Bride stripped bare by her lovers which symbolises the to Kimito Yoshida and her self portraits of brides of the world which depict her as the bride wearing aspects of the areas traditions and styles.
Relationships and weddings is also a big influence on jewellery and weddings create a large market.
I like the idea that a piece of jewelley can tell a story, a story of the owner and of the giver. Some thing that speaks to two people and is only understood by them.
Tiffenys & Co once made a bracelet for an American general for his wife on their wedding anniversary. The bracelet was made up of many gold egg timers. Each one represented a time when the general was away on duty and was forced apart from his beloved. In a sense it could be said that he was giving her back that time lost showing her he thought of her always.
I wanted to create a piece of jewellery that was more personal/intermate and reflected a part of the wearer and evoked emotions, telling a part of their story and how this moment of matrimony came to be.

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